Dave's World Tour

This winter I decided it was time to go on a bit of a trip. I realized that I was getting burnt out on the real world and had to get away.  With the America's Cup races going on in New Zealand, that became a logical starting point.  After three weeks in Auckland, I came home, hopped in my car, and drove to Florida to see some Spring Training baseball, catch some sun, and do some partying.  All in all it was a very successful trip.  Two months of pure relaxation.  I have taken some of my pictures from the trip and scanned them in for this web site.  

Recently I read a great quote on another web site.  "Sometimes you can't be where you are anymore".  This is a quick rundown of where I went when I needed to be somewhere else.  Soon I may do a more in depth write up of the trip, but for now, here are the pictures.

New Zealand - Miscellaneous shots from around Auckland

America's Cup 2000 - Shots taken during and after the regatta of the boats and some of the participants.  I've got lots more of these photos, especially of the victory parade, that I may post later so be sure to check back soon.
Out Sailing - The old FRA45 (now renumbered NZL45) America's Cup Class boat was available for charters.  Here are a few pictures of me on the boat.
Florida - A couple shots from Red Sox Spring Training, and a couple cool sunset shots from Clearwater Beach.