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The Players

The Eclipse crew is made up of a bunch of individuals that are nothing if not a bad influence on each other.   Here are the major players:
Name Purpose in Life
Warren (The Old Man) Hudson Eclipse Helmsman, Chaperon, Crop Duster
Karl (The Truth) Hudson Naviguesser, Tactician
Kurt (Kurtis) Hudson Foredeck, BN, LG-In-Training
Jeff (Marty "The One Man Party") Flaherty Jib Trim, Guy-Cleater-Offer, Party Instigator
Dave (OB) O'Brien Chute Trim, Mast, Making fun of Homer
Peter (Homer) Brown Mainsail Trim, Second-Guessing the Foredeck, Getting people to hike harder
Heidi Hudson Pit, Mast
Mary Flaherty Pit, Marty's Designated Driver
Brian (Bouvs) Bouvier Bartender, Peg Boy, Mast
Don (Donzo) Smith Foredeck, Releasing checkstays
Blake Bedingfield Alternate Naviguesser
Sheila Hudson Pit
Peter (Hocker) Hocknell Foredeck, Retired LG
Kristin Turnbull Intern
Brian McBride Jib and Guy Trim